Disneyland Ages 2-5

Heading to Disney with little around ages 2-5? This post if for you!

Disneyland is a magical place for kids of all ages, but for children aged 2-5, finding the right ride can make or break their experience. Luckily, there are many rides at Disneyland that are perfect for young children, providing them with a fun and safe experience that they will never forget.

One of the best rides for kids aged 2-5 is “It’s a Small World”. This ride takes guests on a gentle boat tour through different regions of the world, showcasing the cultural diversity of our planet through charming animatronic dolls and iconic Disney music. Children will love seeing their favorite Disney characters in various outfits from around the world, and the ride is slow enough to give parents and caregivers a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery. The colors and decorations are bright and engaging, making it perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The ride is also wheelchair accessible, and guests can stay in their wheelchair or transfer to a boat, making it accessible for all guests. It’s a Small World is a timeless classic that continues to delight children and adults alike.

Another great ride for young children is “Dumbo the Flying Elephant”. This ride is perfect for kids who love to fly and feel the wind in their hair. Children can ride with a parent or caregiver, making it a fun bonding experience for both. The ride is gentle, with the elephant carriages gently lifting off the ground and giving a bird’s eye view of Fantasyland. The colors and decorations are vibrant, and the ride is short enough to keep young children engaged without overwhelming them. There are also plenty of photo opportunities in front of the Dumbo attraction, allowing parents to capture some of the most cherished moments of their children’s childhood.

Finally, “Peter Pan’s Flight” is another popular ride for children aged 2-5. This ride takes guests on a magical journey over London and into the world of Peter Pan, with guests flying over Neverland and encountering classic characters from the story. The ride is gentle and smooth, with no sudden drops or turns that could startle young children. The colors and decorations are whimsical and engaging, and the ride is short enough to keep young children engaged without getting restless. It’s a great introduction to the world of Disney and a fantastic way to spark a child’s imagination.

In conclusion, Disneyland has many great rides for children aged 2-5, but “It’s a Small World”, “Dumbo the Flying Elephant”, and “Peter Pan’s Flight” are among the best. These rides offer a fun and safe experience for young children, with vibrant colors, engaging decorations, and memorable characters. Parents and caregivers can relax and enjoy the ride with their little ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I asked my girls what their faaaaavorite (just like that) rides were at Disneyland and here’s what they said!

(In no particular order) H&G’s favorite rides at Disneyland! Save for when your head to Disney. Which will you try!?

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