Adult Disney Day.

Disneyland as a couple.
Eleven of our favorite things for eleven years of marriage. Let’s go!

AJ and I celebrate 11 years of marriage on the 28th and to celebrate we went to Disneyland without the kids and these are eleven of our favorite things to do there as a couple!
In no fancy particular order because we are writing this together and just are shouting out what we love to do!
1.) Rise of the Resistance! Line too long for girls to handle. Ride too scary for them to understand. SUPER AWESOMELY FUN TO RIDE TOGETHER! Worth the wait.
2.) Thunder Railroad! It’s just fun! Girls are too little to ride still.
3.) eat treats when we want to. Because we’re adults. And it won’t spoil our appetites. 🤪
4.) Pirates because we can have a whole row on a boat to ourselves and cuddle in the dark 😁 (anyone know where Jack Sparrow is?!)
5.) Space Mountain. See reasons 1 & 2. Also making goofy photos for the ride picture. 🫶🏼
6.) Star Tours. Hanalei gets motion sick so we definitely go on this ride when it’s just us. And we always hope to be picked as the rebel spy. Which I have! Has anyone else?
7.) Relax on mainstreet. Actually we both agree this was one of our top favorite things to do. Just sit and people watch. And Kiss without the girls always saying, “oooooo! You’re soooo married” 😂 No joke. They do that every time we kiss. 😋
8.) Incredicoaster! Reasons 2, 3, 5 and 6. AJ’s face. Omgosh 😂
9.) Sit ANYWHERE and have a calm quiet uninterrupted meal. Literally anywhere 😅
10.) Take our time finding a spot for the parades and fireworks shows because a. no stroller so we don’t have to find a spot 2hrs before the entertainment and b. we so small no one minds us squeezing in. 😁
11.) Okay AJ and I are laughing writing this one BUT taking the tram! We can’t take the tram because we load up the stroller and it’s hard to fold up so at the end of a very long day it’s a dream to be able to walk our tired legs over to the tram and just have a nice ride back to the car. Yeah. That’s nice 🥹

Have you been to Disneyland as a couple recently? What was your favorite thing to do?