Because God Was In Charge

Hey. I gotta say something here. This day almost didn’t happen. These women and their incredibly precious kids almost didn’t get to enjoy and fashion any D&D keepsakes. The weeks of hard work that went into planning and creating samples of each piece by myself and our stellar partner @paradiselaserco could have been completely in vein. I say this because as of 24hrs hours ago yesterday that’s what was the unfortunate truth. •

I won’t get into the nasty, heartbreaking details and I don’t want to name call, but I did have a shoot set up with a photographer. One that I had been working with for months to encourage and help establish their business. Hours upon hours of free consulting because I believed in her. And after her generous offer I was on my way to having a beautiful product and lifestyle shoot done for D&D. Until yesterday. When it all fell apart. •

It’s been no great mystery that this past season has been very messy, and confusing and VERY hard. I’ve apologized for a lot. I’ve cried for a lot more. But this was suppose to be a wonderful opportunity. And instead it left me feeling so sad. So very sad. Deep down in my heart sad. Being taken advantage of when life is already hard enough, makes you question your faith in what God has planned. I hate that it made me do that. But I’m human. I am also human enough so say I made a very huge mistake believing that God couldn’t take my itty bitty faith and do something remarkable with it. •

In desperation I shared my story with a group of fellow moms in my area. I typed the words and prayed that somehow I might have the chance to recover something ANYTHING from this huge let down. God answered in the form of a local photographer I had never met before. Her name was Amy of @amycaptureslove and she became my hero. •

Today wasn’t suppose to go as well as it did. Today wasn’t suppose to be better than what I had originally planned. Because God was in charge, He stirred goodness and support in the hearts of all these women you see here. Adoring D&D and reminding me that this is God’s business. And He WILL do great things here. How foolish of me to believe otherwise.