Dear Younger Self: Marriage.

Dear youngest self, what I wish I could have told you about Marriage.

I’d probably start with “nobody is perfect – including yourself so try not to be so hard on yourself OR your husband” and speaking of hard… “hard becomes a whole different world each season you go through. One season the hard might be finances, next season the hard might be unhealthy habits or sleep deprivation, the next season might be incompatibility. Really have to lean deep into faith and God’s reminders about love not being about feelings but something greater. Something often times intangible. But you cling to it regardless and really work to find new reasons to love, fall in love and fight for each other”. I might also add “the snoring doesn’t go away, but neither does the little thoughtful gestures like morning coffee, random bouquets of flowers, and the longer than necessary hugs and kisses on those especially difficult days. Hold on to those and just get yourself a sound machine (parenthood hack: sound machine will come in handy with kids too).

So, what one thing would you tell your youngest self about marriage that you’ve learned? (And save for your older self as a reminder 😘)