Do You Still Dream?

There are many lessons we adults get when we begin to raising these tiny humans. Some lessons are hard and relate to patience and understanding and a constant helping of grace upon grace. Other lessons are sweeter, heart stirring, soul soaring, and inspiring. I had one of those lessons while observing my Hanalei coloring and dreaming. She’s got this open and free space to color and a mind to dream. And why shouldn’t she? She has no reason to believe otherwise right now. No limits to her imagination and no restraints on the mind God has created in her. I think God shows us, in these moments, as HIS children that we are able to have this freeness of thought and power to dream as well. •

Do you still dream? Do you still wonder in the things you thought as a kid are still possible? What did you want to be when you were younger and felt no hesitations? Where did you want to live? What did you see yourself doing everyday? Maybe you aren’t living that dream anymore because you don’t think it’s possible so you stop believing. I don’t know why it takes God revealing through our children to show us that we can in fact still dream. ♥︎ •

A dream I’ve had for awhile now is finally starting to come true. A few weeks ago, AJ and I decided to start a business together that relates to marriage. I’ve been praying a lot about it for months and God finally moved our hearts into a place where we both feel we can build something that will encourage and support strong, beautiful, raw and real healthy marriages. It’s an answered prayer for me because I have been wanting to go back into business with AJ for a few years now and it finally feels like the time is right (yes even with the addition of Gwen, Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect). Knowing this is starting makes me feel like a kid dreaming again. It’s wildly thrilling and brings a lot of joy to my heart. I’m glad I kept trying to believe in this dream. Let’s be a little more like our children and dream big and call on God to help us to keep believing.