Drop Everything.

On Wed AJ and I dropped everything, and I mean everything: broom on the floor in mid sweep, dishes in the sink, girl’s tea party sets in the playhouse, even the girls themselves haha and took off for a few hours of “us” time. A bit nervous, we decided to brave our first outting together since March and headed to the beach. And it was exactly what we’ve been needing. Thank you so much for the encouragement on the last post about marriage in this quarantine. It’s really not easy being so vulnerable, and while not everyone agrees with being so open on this platform, I’m always touched and moved by the conversations God stirs in the comments and messages. Marriage is too precious to not work on, not care for, not fight for.

Like I promised in stories, here is a list of some of the great ideas others shared in fighting to keep their marriage and intimacy a priority if not the top priority in their life. ♥︎

– “make coffee every morning together”
– “The fresh air is great, try going to places early or late to avoid crowds”
– “shower together every night before bed”
– “Once a week feed the kids early and eat late and enjoy dinner together”
– “try reading The Love Dare”
– “play games like bananagrams”
– “try the Adventure Challenge book”
– “spend time reminiscing and look back at our wedding album and dating pictures”
– “played cards together – UNO and another card games”
– “make dinner together Friday nights”
– “20 second hugs”
– “share some ice cream, watch an adult movie or show”
– “coffee together every morning”
– “experimenting making cocktails at home”
– “post it love notes around the house”
– “he or I will randomly start playing these songs whether we’re cooking, driving, or just hanging out”
– “make eye contact at a crazy time and smile at eachother reaffirming we’re in this together”
– “reconnect by doing a marriage devotional”
– “Extra long kisses in the bathroom (kids can’t find you there!”

Whatever it is, just remember to keep fighting for the “us”.

How many of you are going to try one of these ideas, or more! Which one sounds most fun and enjoyable for you and your spouse?