Feel them. Chase them. Enjoy them.

I’m REstarting this journey to add more fun, joy, lightness.. call it whatever you want.. in my life and I’m learning little lessons along the way. One of which…

Sometimes we don’t recognize fun or joy when it’s happening because we don’t always know it when we see it.

So you know how I’m changing that? I’m making sure to document my day. Not just the picturesque moments. But a lot more silly. A lot more mornings. A lot more snaps of meal time and playtime. Of dance moves and family walks. Hugs. Lots of hugs. And quiet moments too.

So then when I am feeling that sorrowful heart that can be the result of too much heavy in life, I can look back and relive and know that fun light moments do exist in my life. And that I can start to recognize them. Feel them. Chase them. Enjoy them. ☺️

Can I ask, just a simple yes or no. Do you feel like you recognize joy or fun in your life when it’s happening? ♥️