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Hi From Kailey

With over a decade of owning a business, a beautiful-raw marriage spanning twelve years, and the joys and challenges of motherhood for almost five years, I’ve come to realize the immeasurable worth of the lessons I’ve learned. And it’s in sharing these lessons that they truly come alive, offering support and reassurance.

In every session, my ultimate goal is to leave you with a resounding message: “You’re not alone.

I’m Kailey, embarked on her journey with her loving partner, Aaron, in the enchanting month of August 2010. Together, they navigate the beautiful chaos of raising their little ones, Hanalei (4) and Gwendolyn (2), while cherishing the memory of their three angel babies who graced their lives briefly. Kailey is not just the proud owner of Dapper and Darling but also the visionary behind Aegean Rose, a haven for the elderly, and the creator of the transformative Monthly Marriage Meeting alongside Aaron. Residing in the sun-kissed landscape of Southern California, their days are filled with heartfelt conversations about aspirations and dreams, and blissful moments spent by the lake and beach with their spirited and life-loving daughters.

people that you must meet

Hi, friends! I’ve gathered a few of my favorites for you here. These are the people I would absolutely stake my own reputation on. People that I can absolutely say have helped me grow and become and even better, wife, mom and business owner than I was before I met them. It’s a privilege to know them and glean from their expertise and trade.

Kaitlyn Peirce

Social Media Manager

Raewyn Sangari

Content Strategist