Hustle Culture Can Suck it.

Can I just say how abhorrent hustle culture is? Unpopular opinion perhaps but the hustle and grin and the “busy” and self-denigration of if you do ANYTHING that doesn’t have some kind of productivity attached to it then you’re not worthy of your work. Hard work ≠ hustle. It’s sick. It’s just wrong. And it needs to stop. Right?!

Notice my desk looks untouched. That’s because it hasn’t been. For weeks. Because I finally decided not to let the pressure of production and results from the expectation of hustling guide my days. I’ve been focusing, so much, on what is needed in my family. And if you know me or been following long, you know that I have a terrible time slowing down, not filling my time with being productive, and just constantly being on. And it’s exhausting. And it’s also very damaging as I put my self worth in what I can produce. WELL let me tell you, for weeks I produced nothing. And I fought God on that. Hard. But He showed me that having faith in not doing, but listening and prioritizing what He wants for me, actually made me a better person. For weeks I wasn’t “producing” focusing and taking care of what my family needs. Weeks. And then today, God made it abundantly clear that without that time, that re-prioritization, the potential of the hard work I decided to put in, would not have even mattered. He had and has a plan ALWAYS. He restored my tired. He built up the creative thoughts and confidences needed to focus and create. He gently nudged doors to open so I didn’t have to exhaust myself pounding on them to open. He does the hustling. So I can do His purpose. Trusting Him, made that hustle unnecessarily.