Hey. I need you to really hear this, because I need to heard it for myself as well. It’s okay if all you did this year was muster every bit of strength you had to just survive. ♥️ It was a very hard, very emotional, very spirit destroying twelve months. And you. survived.

I’m not sure about you but for the past 48hrs+ I’ve been inundated with positive pushing agendas on perspective gained on this past year, all the “what did you do/accomplish/grow” and then of course how to really “take charge” “make changes” “make progress” and generally be a welcomed bad ass in the new year. And I think that these are all well intentioned ideas. But I don’t care. Because I am TIRED. And I don’t have any strength left. 2020 took everything to survive in and I need someone to tell me it’s okay if all I do is look upon 2020 as a hard year and then leave it behind so that I can heal. Can I… no, can WE just be left alone to do that? I don’t think God expects us to always find the good in the hard. Sometimes, we just need comfort and time to heal. And He offers us that. Without question. So that’s what I’ll be doing this next year. Healing with Christ. Because we have yet to unwrap the wounds that 2020 has created, and we should all be damn proud that we were able to survive.