I defied it full access.

I caught myself looking on with great envy, pangs of jealousy and feelings of inadequacy at some incredible experiences captured in photos of other families from the weekend. I was tending to a sick husband and fighting to get my small business back on track while trying to keep two toddlers from maxing out my sensory limits. I dare say, not much to photograph or share.

It was the images of the beautiful smiles I saw that called that tiny voice to the front of my mind. The one that says “you aren’t enough”. I really really hate that voice.

So I smooooothered. I defied it full access into my heart and instead let God pour truth in. And then I wrote it down. And I shared it with you. And I hope you share it with other mamas too. Because we all feel it. I know we do. But it just isn’t true. Because how we love isn’t a competition. And we do love our little ones something crazy. ♥️