It Demands Of Us.

Life doesn’t always ask us how we want to prioritize our time. Often, we get caught up in having to do just about everything to feel like we are doing a good job. Especially us mothers. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. I started this season with, in all honesty, a bit of fear, thinking how was I going to manage a very full (VERY FULL) holiday order season, and the precious first moments that come with every baby’s first Christmas. I was worried I’d miss so much and never feel like I was choosing the right way to spend time, such precious time. Does anyone feel that way right now? Especially moms with new babies. Do you feel the weight of this season? Trying to fit everything in and not waste a moment?

Let me tell you something. As soon as I relented my concerned heart to Jesus and said, “this is your season Father, direct my steps and reveal to me the moments you wish me to have and keep with Hanalei and the ones you want me to dedicate to your good work in D&D”, I felt instantly lightened. BECAUSE It was no longer up to me to direct my time and priories. He showed me how, and who would help along the way. I can sit here knowing the tasks of my day and just enjoy and reveal in the sweetness of my daughters little sighs as her has her afternoon nap. (By the way her little profile here would make such a cute silhouette 🙈♥️). Having faith in the way God directs our time is a blessings because then we learn to really live in those moments that are shown to us through His planning. 〰
Why am I sharing this? Because life doesn’t ask us anything. It demands of us. And it causes such pain to be demanded of things we don’t know how to give. God doesn’t want us running around without purpose and direction, especially now especially with such moments and memories to be had BUT He does want your time. He wants it so He can bless it and help you experience the season with so much more joy. So let’s give up the busy and let Him guide our time. 🙌🏼 He lives us so and always what’s the best for us. ♥️✨