Covid Thrashed Our Marriage.

Covid thrashed our marriage. We are bruised, hurt, tired and our hearts a bit boarded up.

After a long hiatus, AJ and I took the time today to reopen our @monthlymarriagemeeting guide. It wasn’t easy, but I am thankful for the questions prompted and the conversations that followed. Sometimes all that’s needed is that intentional time to remind one another that you’re still here for each other, still listening, still caring, still praying and always believing in one another. Hearing him say it and I saying it in return helped soften our hearts and become vulnerable to each other again.
You know it’s not easy to say this or open up so greatly about struggles but I have to remember that marriage struggles are NORMAL and fighting for your marriage is never wrong. Anyone else’s marriage a bit tattered from the year of Covid? Who has kept up with their Monthly Marriage Meetings? (Ps AJ and I are hoping to do work again this year to the guide!)