Tip for Toddlers: Traveling

Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them leave your feet sandy.” Traveling with toddler tips let’s do this. 👆🏽

Traveling with toddlers has quite honestly been one of my biggest fears since having two kids. I even remember the moment when I realized “oh, so this means we’ll have to do it with two?!” But, even with that fear in my head I knew in my heart it would be so very good for my family. So we planned it. Then we canceled because of Covid. Then we planned it again. Then we rescheduled again. Then finally after the unforgiving refund process, our hand was forced and we were then again committed to traveling. After over a week being a guest in the beautiful island of Maui, here’s what we learned…. ♥️

Which one was your favorite tip? What other tips could you add to this list?