Tonight at bedtime, while I was finishing up a lullaby rendition of “A Dream is a Wish”, my oldest, my sweet rainbow, told me that a girl at school called her “weird”. And with wide eyes, slight tears welling up, she spoke from her own child-like perspective
“I don’t want to be weird, mom”.

I think we need encourage very early on the embracing of “weird” unfamiliar behaviors, expressions, and interactions, and shine light on all the perfectly beautiful intricate ways we as humans have all been neatly and profoundly created.

Maybe this is why silhouettes and the focus and delighting in the details of each little profile captures my heart.

I took a deep breath, looked into her innocent, confused, searching eyes and said, “there’s nothing greater in this whole wide world than to be weirdly beautiful and exactly like you. Being anyone else would break this world’s heart.”

I hope she felt comforted. But mostly I hope she knows how badly I want her to be weird. Because being weird, is confidently, being who she is. 🥹