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I’m a wife to a selfless hardworking registered nurse, a mother of two lively and lovable Greek/Asian littles and a passionately devoted business owner who survives on her unfailing faith and desire to bring joy, encouragement and kindness to her followers.

I adore meeting new people and truly sharing everything the world has to offer in motherhood, marriage and living an authentic and worthwhile life.

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I have a way with words. Where often people have a hard time expressing their concerns or feelings, my words can help them better understand what they are going through. I use this skill as well as my ability to curate a story through video and imagery to share, delight and bring awareness to services, products and experiences I believe others will find value in.

I share my experiences as a journey or a true story of mine and my family’s life. I treat each post, story and video as a page in describing the life i’m leading. I include the elements, people, products, services in vivid and engaging detail. I’m like a mini journalist documenting my own life as it unfolds for 48K people. And they love reading the pages and coming along on the journey.

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the honor has been mine...​

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Kailey is always sharing authentic creative content!! We absolutely love the way she captures her family learning and playing with our collaboration gifts!

Katie Lovevery

I need to hire you for photography and videography! I just love the pic of the girls and the reel with the clips! So well done and beautiful! Thanks again

Molly Weebabble